Flash 10.1 beta released "in November"

This is what you can read on the Flash Platform issue tracker on the “Unacceptable CPU Use on Idle” thread:

Rick Winscot: “[…] is this fix going to make it into the up-and-coming 10.1 release?”

Charles Liss: “This will be fixed in our Beta release here in November.”

Not only a major bug is now fixed, but we also get a beta release date more precise than just the “before the end of the year” Adobe gave us during Max. It is now as short as before the end of the month!

You can read more about Flash 10.1 on the Adobe Labs Flash 10.1 page.

rSoul v0.1b

rSoul is my very first public AIR application. It is an open-source NetSoul client. ┬áSince NetSoul is not a commonly used protocol it won’t be useful for many people. Still, the NetSoul protocol is mandatory when you want to have access to the PIE (Parc Informatique de l’EPITA). And the source might help anyone willing to build his very first AIR application. The user interface is very light and I tried to keep it as simple and as intuitive as possible.

Like any other AIR application, rSoul is cross-platform and works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. You can install it and get the sources from the rSoul website:


Here are a few screenshots:



This first release includes the following features:

  • Online/Away/Busy status
  • Location configuration
  • “Remember Password” option
  • Auto-connect option
  • Contacts list
  • Add/Remove contacts
  • Tabbed chat
  • Auto-update
  • Connection errors handling

Known issues

  • Some special characters are not handled correctly
  • The application does not (yet) minimize itself to the system tray
  • Contacts status is not updated

If you found any bug or have any suggestion please feel free to add a comment…